Rhiannon (called Rhi by Olive) is the best friend of Olive Penderghast and the brief best friend of Marianne Bryant when Olive and Rhi were in a fight. She got her first kiss from Todd their freshman year and she has parents who will frequently be half-nude around the house (they are more than likely hippies). She describes virginity as a persons V-card and has had a crush on Anson (Olive's "date") for several years. She has engaged in minor sexual activity, but has never had sex. According to Brandon, Olive's gay friend, Rhi's identifier is "big tits", which really excites her and causes her to scream it to the world. She seems to really care about Anson because she looks hurt when she sees him and Olive on a date at the Lobster Shack. She isn't really smart and frequently is rude (i.e. she calls Olive a bitch a lot) but she is very caring and expresses her concearn when she hears that Olive has been "whoring around".
Rhiannon and olive

Rhiannon and Olive

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