Mrs. griffith

[[Mrs. Griffith|

Mrs. Griffith





Hair color


Eye color



Ojai, California


North Ojai High School Guidance Counselor


Mr. Griffith (husband)


Mr. Griffith (husband)
Micah (fling)


Principal Gibbons


Olive Penderghast

Mrs. Griffith is the wife of Mr. Griffith and the guidence councelor at North Ojai High School. Her marriage to her husband is strained, and they have no children that we know of.

Marianne Bryant is her office aid, and she reffers to her as a "Jesus freak", which she is.

It is revealed that she is having an affair with Marianne's boyfriend, Micah, and she has given him chlamidya. She throws a fit, which Olive is privy to, and Olive doesn't want Mrs. Griffith to lose her job. Because Olive has been so "out there", Micah said that Olive had given the STD to him. Olive tells Mrs. Griffith to call Micah and tell him that she confessed to giving him the STD, so as Mrs. Griffith can keep her job.

Towards the end, Olive begs Mrs. Griffith to tell everyone the truth with her, but Mrs. Griffith refuses to do so. Then she asks Olive that, if they were to play the "Who Would You Believe" game, then she would automatically win. Olive then runs to tell Mr. Griffith the truth, and it is probable that she and Mr. Griffith will get a divorce.

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