[[Chip Penderghast|

Chip Penderghast





Hair color


Eye color





Ojai, California




Rosemary Penderghast (adopted mother)
Dill Penderghast (adopted father)
Unnamed (older adopted brother)
Olive Penderghast (older adopted sister)

Chip Penderghast]] is the adopted son of Rosemary Penderghast and Dill Penderghast, and the younger brother of the unnamed son of his parents' and of Olive Penderghast.

He is from an unknown African country (presumably) and is a very energetic and lively young man. He is probably about eleven or twelve, considering that he mentions going through puberty in the film. His mother explains that the Penderghast family is one of late-bloomers, whereupon Chip says that he's adopted, and that he'll never really know when his puberty will hit.

His father, Dill, jokingly, yells, "'What?! Who told you?!'" and tells his family that they were going to discuss Chip's adoption at the right time. He then tells Chip that he and Rosemary used to love each other (which is not true, they are still very much in love) and that sometimes the bodies of adults don't work as well as their supposed to. Implying that Rosemary and Dill wanted another baby but couldn't have one, and adopted Chip instead.

He is seen in the last scene when Olive is doing her webcast. He is given a close-up when Olive tells the camera that she may lose her virginity to Todd, thus giving him a shocked expression.

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