Hair color

Dark brown

Eye color







Unnamed (father)
Unnamed (mother)


Rhiannon (fling)
Olive Penderghast (date; possible crush)


Olive Penderghast
Marianne Bryant (possibly)

Anson]] is the third most popular male in Easy A; although he has more of a part than Brandon, he is less memorable.

We first get the idea that Rhiannon has a thing for him, which soon proves to be correct. Olive points out at one point that Rhiannon has been in love with Anson since the third grade (which does not explain why Rhiannon kissed Todd).

Anson asks Olive out, and they go to the Lobster Shack, and it is revealed that Todd works there as a waiter. Olive actually thinks that Anson is interested in her, but is brought to tears when she finds out that it was a fake date.

Anson presents Olive with a gift card to the Home Depot, to which Olive finally understands that Anson doesn't like her that way. When she asks him what they supposedly did on their "date", Anson responds by saying, "'Whatever $200 bucks gets me,'" and leans in to kiss her. He succeeds, but only for a moment, as Olive tries to explain that that's not how her little game works.

Anson then proceeds to try to take advantage of her, but Olive stops him, pushing him away from her and calling him an asshole. He tells her that he paid her, therefore (in his opinion) she should allow him to have sex with her. She tosses back the Home Depot card, thus breaking their promise of their supposed deal. This is the last we really see of Anson, cursing and very annoyed as he gets out of his car and leaves the Lobster Shack.

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